From Apple Music’s revamped Up Next emerging artist program to Spotify’s DNA-based playlist, here are this week’s top headlines in tech:

Apple Music Partners With ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ For Up Next Emerging Artist Program

The Up Next emerging artist program gives 10 emerging artists the opportunity to leverage “all of Apple Music’s resources to give their music visibility to new audiences.” The selected artists will get the chance to perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’s’ late-night television show which airs at 11:35 pm on ABC. They will also receive a custom content package that includes the production of an audio EP from a bespoke live session and a filmed interview for Beats 1. Apple Music will give each Up Next artist additional exposure on top music and video playlists promoting new acts.

The Up Next program was initially launched back in 2017 and promoted Grammy-nominated artists like Khalid, 6lack and Daniel Caesar, in addition to Latin sensation Bad Bunny and Aria-winning Amy Shark. The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show has replaced the “The Late Late Show with James Corden” as the main partner for this year’s program. With over 2 million viewers each week, Apple Music hopes to take advantage of Jimmy Kimmel’s massive audience to further bolster the exposure of these newly featured artists. Apple Music will kick off its new Up Next program on October 8th by featuring the K-pop supergroup, NCT 127 as they prepare to launch their first ever English album into the market.

Spotify Teams Up With Ancestry To Create Playlists Based On User DNA

Spotify’s latest platform update brings an entirely new meaning to “personalized” playlists. In a recent partnership with Ancestry, Spotify now gives listeners the opportunity to discover their “Musical DNA” through custom playlists based on their DNA. Any Spotify user that has previously used Ancestry to trace their genealogy, can input their results into Spotify and generate a playlist for free. The streaming giant is prompting its users to “explore the soundtrack of their heritage” and will tailor playlist results based on music Spotify considered to be popular or culturally significant from your ancestral homelands. Spotify users that are still interested in uncovering their “Musical DNA” but have not used Ancestry before can manually choose the top five regions from which their ancestors originate to get a playlist based on their heritage. Spotify users who do not wish to share any ancestral information can still be a part of the fun. Rather than looking into a user’s heritage, Spotify will provide a ‘Musical DNA” based on a user’s listening history. If you’re interested, find your “Musical DNA” today.

Google Taps Into YouTube For Additional Advertising Opportunities

Google is looking to tap into the power of YouTube to generate additional revenue through new search-based advertising opportunities. Previously, advertisers could display location-based ad extensions as well as forms (that allows watchers to submit an email address or phone number to quickly sign-up for or learn more about a business). Now, Google is offering new sponsorship opportunities through “ad extensions for video” which will allow advertisers to target users based on their queries and viewing habits on the site. Through the new ad extensions, when people search for videos on YouTube, they may see a banner prompting them to buy movie tickets, download an app, or book their next trip. In addition to new ad tools, YouTube announced that it will be working with a third-party market research company to better track ad campaign metrics with more in-depth performance metrics. Google’s recent move to double down its advertising efforts on YouTube, reflects a major shift in how Google has treated YouTube in the past. Now Google is viewing the second-largest search engine in America as more of an extension of its own platform, rather than a separate entity.

Google Maps Launches Integration With Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play

Your commute just got better thanks to the new Google Maps latest integration with Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Over the next few days, Google Map users will have access to the new ‘Commute’ tab, which enables Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play playback controls within Google Maps navigation. Depending on which music streaming service you subscribe to, users will notice a new banner near the bottom of their screens that gives them the ability to play, pause or skip a song. Spotify users will have the additional benefit of browsing their Spotify library directly from Google Maps. A small Spotify icon will be located in the sidebar of their Google Maps main screen. From there, they will be able to browse songs, albums, and playlists as they normally would without having to leave the navigational app. The new ‘Commute’ tab featuring the Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play integration will be available on all iOS and Android devices over the next few days.

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