From TIDAL’s enhanced credits page to the Rolling Stone music chart debut, find out which industry power players are heating up headlines in this week’s roundup:

TIDAL Rolls Out Enhanced Credits Feature

In an effort to shine a light on all of the contributors who bring music to the masses, TIDAL has launched a new interactive enhanced credits page. This new feature allows TIDAL members to dive deeper into the music’s metadata to uncover credits for non-performing roles including songwriters, producers, sound engineers, and session musicians on most new releases. According to TIDAL’s announcement, the expanded enhanced credits are only the first step in “creating an ecosystem where all contributors to the music-making process are highlighted.” TIDAL will continue to work with artists and labels to expand this credit database.

In order to access the enhanced credits feature, TIDAL members can head to any Artist Page and either tap on the roles under the artist’s name or scroll down to the artist’s enhanced credits section. From there, users have the option to select ‘View All” or a specific role (i.e. Songwriter, Production, Composer, Musician) they would like to explore. Upon selecting a specific role, users will be able to view all of the songs that the artist has contributed towards in that same capacity. Users can filter, sort, and even create playlists based off of this information. TIDAL’s new enhanced credits page is available for all members across the platform’s desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Instagram Stickers Get Social With New Update

Instagram is igniting conversation between its users by introducing a new chat sticker on Stories. This social platform is positioning this new tool as a streamlined messaging solution for users to easily create and join large group conversations via Stories. The way chat stickers work is pretty straightforward. Users can add them to their Stories, prompting their users to request to ‘Join Chat.’ Once the requests come in, the original Stories poster can choose who they would like to include in the new chat that will take place in the Direct Messages inbox. The original Stories poster will also have the power to end a chat at any time if necessary. The chat sticker will join Instagram’s already established plethora of interactive features including polls, question boxes, mentions, location, hashtags, and countdowns to further promote engagement among users.

Rolling Stone Debuts Top Music Charts

One of the most popular entertainment publications is diving into streaming data to launch a brand new set of interactive music charts. Initially announced at Music Biz earlier this year, Rolling Stone has released 5 daily charts to track music consumption in the U.S. The new music charts are Rolling Stone’s attempt to “offer an impartial, in-depth and in-the-moment view of the biggest songs, albums, and artists in music.” The new charts, which are updated daily, include:

  • Top 100 Songs– unveils the most popular 100 songs in the United States each week. This chart ranks content by total streams across the major music-streaming providers as well as digital and physical purchases. It does not account for passive listening (i.e. plays on terrestrial or digital radio).
  • Top 200 Albums– highlights the most popular albums of today by using physical/digital album sales, song sales, and audio streams.
  • Artists 500– logs the most in-demand artists of the week based on audio streams. Similar to the Top 100 Songs, this chart does not reflect passive listening in its measurement.
  • Trending 25– spotlights new songs that are seeing the greatest spikes in popularity each week. These rankings are based on the percentage growth in audio streams. According to Rolling Stone, this chart was designed to offer a “truly in-the-moment view of music by spotlighting the tracks that are picking up the most momentum”. This chart will only feature songs that were released in recent years and exclude songs that are already ranked high on the Top Songs chart.
  • Breakthrough 25– offers a preview of the biggest stars of tomorrow by shedding light on the breakout artist that are appearing on the charts for the first time. This chart measures audience demand by audio streams and once again does not include passive listening.

Each daily chart will be paired with a finalized weekly overview that can be accessed here.

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