From Apple Music’s top 100 charts to the YouTube NextUp program, here are this week’s top headlines in tech:

Apple Music Launches Global Top 100 Music Charts

Watch out Billboard, there’s a new Top 100 music chart in town! Last Friday Apple Music rolled out its own version of ‘top 100’ charts to its 50 million users worldwide. Previously, Apple Music offered top charts for singles, albums, playlists, and videos which could be saved to your library or downloaded. The new charts will display the top-streamed songs on Apple Music and will be updated daily. In total there will be 116 “top 100” charts: 1 global chart and one chart for every country where Apple Music is available. The ‘top 100’ charts will be located within the “Browse” tab and resemble other Apple Music playlist and album covers. The charts are currently available to all Apple Music subscribers.

Apple Music’s new charts reflect the importance of data and localized ranking when it comes to audio streaming. Now more than ever, digital streaming numbers are a heavily-monitored metric of success causing streaming platforms and publishers across the board to follow suit. For example, earlier this year YouTube hinted at releasing its own set of platform-specific charts. Billboard also updated its algorithm earlier this year to place more weight on streams.

YouTube NextUp Initiative Spotlights Rising Latino, Black, & Female Creators

YouTube’s long-running creator-development program, NextUp, is back and seeking to spotlight up-and-coming Latino, black, and female creators. Initially launched in 2011, YouTube NextUp offers aspiring video creators the chance to attend one-of-a-kind weeklong ‘creator camps’ at YouTube spaces around the world. During the ‘creator camps’, attendees will have the opportunity to attend production workshops, receive one-on-one advice from the YouTube Partnership team, and network with previous YouTube NextUp grads. Additionally, eligible creators will receive production equipment vouchers at the end of the week. This Fall, YouTube will hold three different first-of-a-kind editions of NextUp: #YouTubeLatino, set to be held at YouTube Los Angeles Spaces; #YouTubeBlack will be hosted at YouTube Space New York; and #WomenToWatch which will be located in London. After opening up the opportunity for new submissions over the summer, YouTube selected the top 45 creators to be named this year’s YouTube NextUp class. If you are interested in attending a future YouTube NextUp program, the video giant is currently accepting applications for two programs in Rio de Janeiro and St. Petersburg to be held later this year.

SoundCloud Unveils Spotify-Like ‘SoundCloud Weekly’ Playlist

The power of the personalized playlist is (finally) making its way to SoundCloud- introducing SoundCloud Weekly. Similar to Spotify’s signature ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, the new SoundCloud Weekly will provide subscribers a new, routinely-updated recommendation playlist every Monday. This playlist will be algorithm-driven and can be accessed on the SoundCloud home screen from desktop and mobile devices. While the two playlists may appear to be similar in structure, SoundCloud notes that the major differentiator is their music recommendations pulling from the ‘largest, most diverse music catalog ever assembled’ – over 180 million tracks that housed on the platform.

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