Streamline your label’s advance and recoupment process by managing all components through one centralized platform. Now through your Vydia dashboard, easily manage and track the collection and allocation of active recoupments to ensure transparency and accountability amongst you and your artists. This feature also automates the payback workflow, routing royalties directly back to artists once their recoupment is complete. 



  1. Go to Recoupments Tab on your label’s user index page 
  2. Click Create a New Recoupment
  3. Select a User associated with your new Recoupment
  4. Enter Recoupment Items and their associated values



Utilizing Vydia’s platform to manage your recoupment process keeps your expenses streamlined and automatically recoupable against incoming revenue from your artists’ streaming, publishing, and music video earnings. In addition, users are able to view the status of recoupments inside their Royalty Center, creating transparency between you and your artist.


Start recouping today.

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