The No. 1 way consumers are listening to music is through on-demand streaming platforms, such as Spotify, which have opened up a world of new opportunities for creators to share content. Since Spotify has over 271 million listeners and 124 million subscribers, having your content active on the platform can help increase brand awareness as well as expand your fanbase. One of the most effective ways to optimize your Spotify account is by creating a custom Spotify for Artists profile via Vydia’s Instant Access feature. Below are some helpful hints to maximize your streaming success through leveraging the power of your Spotify for Artists profile and Vydia Instant Access.

Vydia now makes Spotify artist verification simple with Instant Access

Instant Access to Spotify for Artists was designed to give creators immediate access and control over their Spotify accounts directly through the Vydia platform. 

Be sure to claim your profile in order to secure access to: 

  • Automatic verification of your Spotify for Artists profile
  • Editing tools to update your bio, profile picture, concert dates, merchandise and more
  • An analytics dashboard to monitor audience demographics and listening behavior, important milestones, and playlist features
  • Playlist submission and confirmations, sharing and pinning
  • And more!

Benefits of Having A Spotify for Artists Profile

The Spotify for Artists profiles were designed to give creators full control over their Spotify accounts. Creators with custom Spotify for Artists profiles are provided access to key management features they can use to shape how their brand is portrayed online, so their visibility and success on the platform are optimized.

Spotify for Artists profiles offer creators a central platform to edit their bios, promote new content, share custom playlists, and more. One of the primary benefits of securing a Spotify for Artists profile is the automatic verification of your account. Once your profile is approved, your artist page will be marked with a coveted blue check, lending it a more professional, credible, and authentic look. Becoming a verified artist improves the discoverability of your profile on general Spotify searches and improves the likelihood of Spotify picking up your content for algorithmic playlisting.

Another major benefit of a Spotify for Artists profile is access to a custom analytics dashboard that reveals real-time data about how content is performing. Utilizing this feature, creators can track a variety of metrics, including which of their songs are performing best, how fans are discovering their content, and which playlists from around the world their content is appearing on. The analytics dashboard also provides key demographics, so creators can learn the genders, ages, and locations of their listeners. This kind of insightful data can help creators make informed business decisions.

Tips To Enhance Your Spotify for Artists Profile

Creating a Spotify for Artists Profile is easy, but polishing so that it translates to streaming success requires a solid strategy and times. Below are some ways to maximize your success: 

  • Artist’s Pick is a valuable tool, so USE IT OFTEN:  Artist’s Pick (similar to Twitter’s “pinned” Tweets) allows creators to choose the content that lives at the top of their profile for up to 2 weeks. Creators can choose to spotlight a new track, featured playlist, or content from other creators they enjoy listening to. Creators even have the ability to upload an audio track with a message to their fans! 
  • Create custom playlists to boost fan engagement: Creating playlists on your Spotify for Artists Profile is an effective way to connect both with your fans and other creators. Custom playlists also add a personal touch to your profile by giving your fans an inside look into the music that you love. They can help connect you with like-minded creators as well, which in turn, has the potential to lead to cross-promotion and collaboration opportunities!
  • Leverage the data: The Spotify for Artists Profile dashboard is packed with valuable analytics tools designed to help creators make more educated business decisions. Creators will have access to real-time data about who is listening to their content and which of their content is gaining organic traction. This data can prove useful when choosing a song for your next single or music video. Demographic information can also help provide valuable insight into where you should tour next, among other things. 
  • Customize and keep your profile up-to-date: Use Spotify’s management tools to raise brand awareness in a clear and effective way. The first thing fans will see when accessing your Spotify for Artists profile page is your avatar, so it is crucial you select a photo that is high-quality and accurately reflects your brand. While Spotify automatically pulls default images from off the web, it is recommended you upload a custom photo (at least 2660×1140 pixels) that mirrors your latest release. Another section of your profile page that should be constantly monitored and updated is the artist’s bio. Spotify allows you to use up to 1500 characters to relate your story. 

A Spotify for Artists Profile is equipped with everything you need to present a professional and engaging presence on the world’s foremost audio streaming site. Don’t forget to check back in with our weekly blogs to stay up-to-date with industry news and tips.