Smart Links enables you to share all of your music and promotional assets from one centralized location giving your fans a cohesive brand experience, and the ability to pre-save and listen to your music from their preferred DSP. Vydia’s existing Smart Links feature has gotten an upgrade to improve both the user and fan-facing experience. Check out what’s new below:


New Features

– Redesigned User Interface: Your fan-facing UI has been revamped with a sleeker look and experience on both desktop & mobile.

– Pre-Save and Smart Link Analytics: View actionable insights about how your fans are engaging with your Pre-Save or Smart Link, including territories, DSPs, and performance across all of your releases.

– Instant Availability: Within moments of creating your release, you’ll receive a text with your Smart Link URL to start driving pre-saves.


Enhanced and Upgraded Features

– Upgraded Pre-Save Options: 6 pre-save destinations available to keep all your fans engaged in your campaign, no matter their preferred DSP.

– Auto-populated DSPs: Automatically populate up to 11 DSPs based on our users’ most streamed DSPs including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.

– Design your Link: Add, edit, re-order, or hide DSPs to create a personalized experience for your fans.

– Content Refresh: New manual rescan button to ensure your links are up-to-date with the latest content.

– Custom Links: Direct your fans to merch, tour tickets, videos, and more with the Custom Links feature.

How do I generate a Smart Link?

Automatically generate your Smart Link with a streamlined user flow. Upon creating a release, enter your phone number and you’ll receive a text message with your custom Smart Link. You can find your Smart Link and all your customization options in the new ‘Smart Link’ tab on your release in My Content. Prior to the release, your custom Smart Link will have pre-save capabilities; once the release is live, the link will be updated to contain streaming links. 


How should I leverage Smart Links for my next release?

Smart Links helps you generate buzz around your upcoming release and attract a wider audience of listeners who will be the first to know once your release is live. To get the most out of Smart Links, share your custom link across all available touchpoints, including social media, newsletters, and text messaging, so fans can stay up to date on your latest music and quickly access your music on their preferred platform. 


Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions. Not a part of the Vydia community yet? Request an invite today.