The summer is sizzling with hot new features from some of tech’s top power players. While Facebook and YouTube unlock new monetization features for creators to enjoy, SoundCloud is stepping up its artist discovery program. From Facebook’s Lip Sync Live to YouTube Premieres, our tech roundup has you covered with the most important platform changes this month from video technology’s heaviest hitters.

Facebook Amps Up Music Efforts with Lip Sync Live

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled two new official music features that opened up a new wave of opportunity for the music industry to generate significant revenue from its platform. The first feature is a set of rules that enable Facebook users to add copyrighted songs to the videos they share and post, without the fear of having them taken down. With new rules in effect, when a user uploads a video with copyrighted audio content, they will be notified if the song is – allowed or not – based on the current licensing deals Facebook has in place. If the song is not allowed, users can keep their video up with the sound muted, or submit a dispute to the copyright holder. Facebook noted that it will compensate artists and labels whose music is used, however, the social giants have yet to disclose the specific rates or how they are going to be calculated. These new rules have been highly anticipated considering Facebook has been striking licensing deals with major music publishers and record labels including Sony/ATV, Universal, and Warner Bros. Facebook will be looking to extend these new rules to its Stories feature in the near future.

Another new feature Facebook rolled out is a new lip-syncing platform called Lip Sync Live. Lip Sync Live will be available to users when they start streaming on Facebook Live. The new feature allows one to choose a song from the list provided, add their description, and mimic their favorite stars. Built very similar to its direct competitor, Lip Sync Live is Facebook’s attempt to win back a younger audience.

YouTube Debuts Three New Ways for Creators to Monetize

At the 2018 Vidcon conference, YouTube made a major announcement revealing three new ways creators can generate additional revenue on the platform.

  • Memberships– This new feature gives fans the ability to sponsor their favorite creators for $4.99 per month. This membership fee gives fans access to a variety of exclusive content, members-only emoji and badges, and more. YouTube originally began testing this feature last fall for its YouTube Gaming platform. Now it is looking to roll it out to more creators with one little twist: creators will need to have as least 100,000 subscribers, be over the age of 18, and an active member of the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Merchandise– Google’s video platform is now offering creators the option to sell T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, mugs, and other products directly from their channels. Creators must have at least 10,000 subscribers to leverage this new tool.
  • Premieres– The most exciting feature that was announced at Vidcon is a new tool for promoting live and on-demand videos on a scheduled day and time. Premieres let creators post a designated landing page where they can promote ahead of a video’s release. The page features a countdown timer and will also host a chat feature so users can take advantage of Super Chat and other Channel Membership perks, even if they aren’t doing a live broadcast. When a Premiere video wraps, it is posted as a regular video on YouTube, without the 2-minute countdown. Upcoming Premieres will appear on the YouTube homepage and in the recommended videos sections to help boost creator discovery.

SoundCloud Launches New Music Discovery Singles Series

Just in time for Indie Month, SoundCloud announced that they are joining forces with Noisey to release a new digital series to promote independent artists. The new series will build upon the First on SoundCloud advertising campaign that began in March by selecting monthly tracks to premiere exclusively on the SoundCloud and Noisey platforms. These select singles will be followed by featured placements on SoundCloud playlists, editorial coverage on Noisey, listening parties, the creation of original video content — including music videos and interviews — and other media support by the brands. In order to be eligible to participate, creators must be an active member of SoundCloud Premier, the platforms invite-only direct monetization program.