Vydia’s direct partnership with YouTube and its Content ID technology allows us to help you assert ownership and a policy (monetize, permit, or block) on each of your assets (e.g. sound recordings). Our new Claims Dashboard displays a list and corresponding data for all of the YouTube videos, or User-generated content (UGC), that use one or more of your assets. Not only does this give you transparency into the number of videos that contain your assets, but also provides you with direct access to understanding how fans or other YouTube Creators are embracing your art. This can be a great way to connect with your fanbase as well as a unique opportunity to gather insights on how to better market your music!



To take advantage of your dashboard, log into your account and navigate to Insights → Claims. Note that if you are a Label Admin, your dashboard will contain claims data for all of your artists’ assets.

At the top of your Dashboard, you will find your Estimated Total Claims and Estimated Total Claimed Views. It’s important to recognize that one claim represents one asset claiming one YouTube video. If the video is using both an audio and a visual asset, the Dashboard will count two claims. 

The Claims Dashboard also displays detailed information for each of your active claims. For example, you can see the Title, User, and Creator your claim is tied to as well as the Claim Type (Audio, Visual, or Audio Visual) and Claim Date. Finally, Channel and YT Video Title will let you click out and directly view the video associated with the claim. Consider showing your fans some appreciation and drop a quick comment!



If you happen to find a claim that is not listed in your Claims Dashboard, don’t fret! Filter down to the media-level and scroll down to  the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There you will find a Call-To-Action button where you can manually report the claim. Our Rights Management team can then claim the asset for you.



Monitoring your claims will help you understand who is connecting with your music and visuals. It’s advantageous to keep tabs on your active claims so you can gather key insights and utilize User-generated content when planning out your marketing strategy. Dive into the Claims Dashboard with your team and discover how YouTube Creators are incorporating your music into their videos!


Explore the Claims Dashboard!