We’ve been getting tons of questions about our service and how to get a video on VEVO. We’ve spent some time gathering these questions and put together a list of answers here to help get you started sooner.

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Q. Do I need to be signed with a label to get on VEVO?

A. No, Vydia has a distribution partnership with VEVO and our service allows ANY artist to set up an account and get on VEVO. Our platform allows you to create a VEVO channel, upload to VEVO, and maintain the videos and channel through one easy to use dashboard.

Q.What is VEVO?

A. VEVO is the leading all-premium music video and entertainment service. VEVO is available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, which includes VEVO.com, Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry PlayBook), Connected Television (Google TV, Boxee) and user embeddable video players.  Additionally, through a special partnership with YouTube, VEVO is accessible in over 200 countries, expanding the platform’s reach around the globe.  Through a distribution partnership, Vydia has made this premium service available to all of its clients for a yearly fee of $20.

Q. Will I get my own VEVO login?

A. No, getting your video on VEVO is a distribution service, so think of it more along the lines of getting content on iTunes, rather than YouTube. Vydia is a digital distribution service that sets up the VEVO account and adds the videos. You Upload the video to Vydia, then make the video available on VEVO.

Q. If I setup a VEVO account, how long will it take before the page is active?

A. We will review and process the request within 1-2 business days, but the acceptance from Vevo is based on demand. At times, due to the number of requests, the wait for Vevo acceptance can be several months. Requests for refund can be made any time prior to channel creation

Q. I have graphics and text in my video. Is that acceptable for VEVO?

A. Some graphics and text are acceptable. VEVO does not allow any beginning or end text/graphic slates before and after the music video, as well as no lower third corner text (also known as chyrons). If it’s done in a creative way as part of the video, then that’s perfectly fine. CLICK HERE to get a better understanding of what is allowed and what is not.

Q. How can I upload additional videos to my channel?

A.  After you set up your initial VEVO account you will be sent an automatically generated email with a unique login and password.  This will enable you to log in to Vydia and upload new videos to be added to your VEVO channel at no extra cost.

Q. I own a record label and have multiple videos, will I need to pay for each video?

A.  VEVO pages are based on artist not record label. You will need to pay once for each artist but not for each individual video.  If you have 3 artists each with two videos, you will pay for 3 account set ups.  If you have one artist with 8 videos you will pay for one account set up.

Q. What determines my VEVO channel name?

A.  The VEVO account name is based on the artist name.  You can find out if the artist name is already being used by searching the name on VEVO. If there is a problem with the artist name you submit we will contact you for another option.

Q. Are there any annual or reoccurring fees required to keep my page up?

A. We charge a yearly fee of $20.

Q. I was previously signed to a record label and already have a channel, can I add videos?

A. Yes, we can upload videos to an existing channel.  You will need to pay one time for the first video and all additional videos can be added an no charge.

Q. I have additional content I’d like to Upload to VEVO, can you do that as well?

A. VEVO is intended for music content only. If you have other content such as webisodes or vlogs that are high quality and music related, we can upload and publish it for you.

Q.  How does one go about getting on the front page of VEVO?

A. Those are editorial decisions made by VEVO and are selected on a case to case basis. They have weekly meetings where they watch videos from their distributors and decide on what they would like to use for promotion. After your channel is created, if you are interested in this, please fill out a Support Ticket on our site.

Q.  Will my video be searchable through YouTube?

A. Yes, VEVO and YouTube are linked, so all of your video content will be searchable through YouTube.

Q.  My video is already available on YouTube, can my views be transfered to my VEVO account?

A. No, your video on VEVO will have a separate view counter. If you’d like to direct all your viewers to your VEVO page you can remove your video from YouTube or you can keep the video on both sites.

Q. Can I embed a VEVO video?

A. Yes! The VEVO Player lets you embed single videos. Just click Share at the top of the Player. Under Embed, just click Copy code. With the exception of full screen playback, all the Player functionality of VEVO.com is available so you can easily share your favourite videos with your fans via Facebook, Twitter and more.


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