Vydia, the leading end-to-end music technology platform, provides new program identifying reputable third party industry providers 


LOS ANGELES, USA (February 9, 2022) – In an effort to solve an ongoing industry gap for independent label owners, Vydia has created the Vydia+ Partner Directory– a centralized database of reputable and vetted third-party vendors, available to all industry professionals via the Vydia website. Launched on February 9, 2022, Vydia+ spans every need in the industry highlighting service providers in digital marketing, publicity, booking/touring, recording equipment, merchandising, video/audio production, music management software, and so much more. 


Constantly researching the market to find gaps and solve problems within the industry, Vydia’s team found that 80% of label owners found it difficult to find reputable third party service providers that would allow them to scale their business and artists, quoting “trust” as the biggest factor. With many people working remotely with vendors, stories of dishonesty and scams were rampant throughout the industry – making it increasingly difficult for independent labels and managers to find partners that would foster growth. Head of Label Services, Liz Eason, adds, “We often get asked for recommendations on who to hire, and because we have worked with so many different vendors, realized we had an opportunity to provide a reliable resource that would not only be helpful to our clients, but any industry professional.” 


Vydia+ aims to make it easier for labels to partner with the best vendors in the market by cultivating a new level of accountability for any vendor listed in the Vydia+ Partner Directory. Only after undergoing an extensive vendor vetting process, a company is deemed ‘Vydia Certified’ and provided with a badge — signifying the company has been thoroughly researched and is found to be a transparent, reputable, and trustworthy partner in the industry. With increasing accessibility to craft teams remotely and work with people all over the world, Vydia is making sure that labels have every resource available to them to champion the artists on their roster. “The most important aspect of hiring a team is reputation and trust. That’s why it was essential for us to leverage our influence and experience in the market to help the larger community,” says Roy Lamanna, CEO of Vydia. 


Vendors like Dash Two, Total Assault, and Laylo who have already been vetted and approved for the directory are also excited about the opportunities this will provide for their businesses. Alec Ellin, CEO of fan engagement platform Laylo, says, “My music industry friends are always asking for the best tools out there. The Vydia+ Directory is exactly where I’ll be pointing them to going forward. It’s a great way for labels to find reliable companies and helps companies like mine to get in front of the partners we want to work with.”


Empowering 1100+ labels and artists in over 150 countries, Vydia is the leading end-to-end music management infrastructure that empowers labels, managers, and artists to monetize the entire digital music ecosystem. Constantly innovating, Vydia’s expertise in both tech and music is paving the way for the future of the music industry and Vydia+ is the next step forward in their mission to help labels empower their artists to maintain creative control and ownership over their work.


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