MDI Ventures hosted the 2021 Top Media Startup Summit after mapping out over 3,000 media startups and identifying the top 700 across 23 categories. We are excited to announce that Vydia was named a Top Media Startup in the Music Platform Category out of 169 companies, including other notable industry players such as United Masters, Amuse, and Distrokid.  


Co-Founder and CEO, Roy LaManna, was interviewed by Kyle Kling at MDI Ventures, highlighting Vydia’s tools and features, and how labels can scale the management of their artist’s content. 

“Where we stand today as a company is servicing the needs of the business counterpart to the artist. By providing them the tools in order for them to be more scalable and providing that infrastructure, they are allowed to do what they do better.” – Roy LaManna


LaManna also told Kling where he believes the future of the music industry is headed: 

“It’s going to be thousands of independent record labels that act as a distributor, as a manager, and they are more vertically integrated with their artists. So they are helping them tour, release merch, produce original content, or maybe make a documentary. You see these other artists releasing independent films, and they do that in conjunction with their business counterpart. And that’s where I think it’s going.”


Watch the full interview here: