From New Jersey to Los Angeles, Tdot illdude has created an infectious sound that has the industry buzzing. He initially jumped on the scene when his single “Take Me Under” was featured on Starz network’s highest-rated show, Power (season 2) in 2015. That same week “Take Me Under” became the #1 Shazam’d track in the world. These early milestones motivated Tdot illdude to pursue his passion which led to him being recognized as a Hot 97 “Who’s Next” rapper and one of HopNewHipHop’s “Top 5 New Jersey Artists To Watch.”

With an established following on the east coast, Tdot illdude’s music continues to grow with top U.S. markets including Chicago, Dallas and his new home, Los Angeles. His single “Feeling Myself” took over the LA club scene in 2015 and captured the attention of Meek Mill. Meek’s interest in Tdot’s music led to a collaboration on two records “Fa Sho” and “Problems” available on Mill’s 4/4 EP. Since moving west Tdot has had the opportunity to work with Grammy award-winning producers Timbaland and Charlie Heat on The Vibe is Heavy and Morning Comes Too Fast, respectively. Tdot illdude’s career almost came to an end in 2018, after suffering a debilitating vocal injury at the beginning of the year. Through perseverance and dedication to his craft (while steadily following doctors orders), Tdot continued to build his fanbase, amassing over 16 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. To date, Tdot illdude’s music has been featured on Netflix, ESPN, and YouTube Red with no signs of slowing down.

Fighting against all odds, Tdot illdude returns in 2019 with a new project The Vibe Is Heavy 3, available today across all streaming platforms.

Amidst the excitement of the album’s release, Tdot illdude took the time tell Vydia more about his recent road to recovery, working with Meek Mill, and what fans can expect with his new music. Here’s what he had to say:

What motivated you to pursue a career in music?

I just started making songs and people liked it, from there I went crazy.


Who has been your biggest influence?

In the beginning, Jay-Z was my biggest inspiration. I still admire his work in and out of music. Now, I grab inspiration from everywhere.


Where did the name Tdot illdude originate from?

The name Tdot originated from my real name T.J.


You quickly rose to fame in 2015 when your track ‘Take Me Under’ was featured on the hit Starz series, Power. The single’s appearance on the show catapulted it to be the most Shazam’d track in the world that week. How would you describe this career-defining moment?

When my song was on Power it was a good moment. It gave me the inspiration to keep going. It made me realize that a lot of people like my music at that point.


In addition to Power, your music has also been featured on ESPN, Netflix, and YouTube Red. What would you say is a key factor in creating music for TV/Film licensing?

I never tried to make songs for TV but I am very thankful the TV industry really likes the music that I make.


Your single ‘Feeling Myself’ captured the attention of Meek Mill and ultimately led your collaborations on the hit tracks ‘Fo Sho’ and ‘Problems’. What have you learned through your experience working with him?

Working with Meek Mill was a great experience. Meek Mill is a superstar, but working with him is just like working with one of my friends. It was another moment that showed me that my music and my talent is good enough to be mentioned amongst the greats. Much respect to Meek for the continued opportunities.


You’ve had the opportunity to work with hip hop icons Timbaland and Charlie Heat. What was the best piece of advice you received working with these Grammy award-winning producers?

Working with Timberland was amazing. I didn’t necessarily get any advice but he definitely motivated me and encouraged me a lot. Simply the way he reacted to my music was enough for me to know that I was on to something amazing. We got in the studio for a whole week and made a lot of songs. As far as Charlie Heat, that’s like my brother. He actually did give me some good advice and told me that no time is wasted time. You can always learn something.


In 2018, a serious vocal injury kept you out of the studio, however, with no new music you were still able to amass over 6 million streams on Spotify alone. What the is secret behind your streaming success?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a secret. The key to streaming success is to build a loyal fan base and support system. When the numbers came out the year I reached 6 million streams on Spotify, 10 million streams on Apple Music, and another few million on Tidal- I knew that my fanbase was solidified once and for all.


Do you think the injury changed your approach to creating music?

The injury definitely changed my approach. Not necessarily with the music, but just how I do things in general. I’m more careful about how I use my voice and I get way more rest. Ironically my voice is healthier than it’s ever been.


The long-awaited The Vibe Is Heavy 3 is finally here! How would describe this project?

There is something on it for everyone- definitely a vibe in its purest form.


This is your third installment of “The Vibe is Heavy” series, what sets this project apart from the other two?

Each one is different. The 1st installment was an EP with 5 completely different vibes. The 2nd installment was moodier but also had some really happy songs. This one is raw, vibes and something for everyone.


What is your favorite track off the new release?

Changes every week, I love them all.


If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Drake, of course, anything he touches goes crazy!


If you could work with any producer who would it be?

I honestly don’t follow the producer trend. Anyone who has hot beats- it doesn’t matter to me.


What is a fun fact that no one knows about you?

I can ski very well… That’s all I’m going to reveal for now.


This is only the beginning for Tdot illdude’s takeover of 2019! So you don’t miss out on any of the action, be sure to follow Tdot illdude on social media. Don’t forget to stream The Vibe is Heavy 3 today.

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