Vydia Vevo YouTube Playlists

Posted on 09/01/2015 by Amanda Willis

Have you subscribed to our Vydia Vevo YouTube Channels yet?  If not, you will definitely want to keep this five channels on your radar (Pop, Rock, Latin, Urban and Country) We partnered with Vevo to have shared channels where independent and emerging artists can experience the best discoverability.

Vydia’s network has strength in numbers allowing our artist’s videos to gain more views. By getting the chance to participate in the Vydia Community, users are able to take advantage of five times the promotional opportunities and access to our subscriber base, this is the best option for independent artists to get discovered. Join the likes of thousands of Vydia artists as we supply and fuel the go-to channels for the latest emerging artists and videos in the industry.

Each week Vydia’s staff picks their favorite videos from each shared channel to form the week’s playlist. Our shared channels have hundreds of subscribers and over 100,000 views. Vydia Vevo YouTube Channels are the best way to get your video seen.

Take a looks at our staff picks this week!

Vydia Staff Picks of the Week 8/31


DJ Smallest – Forever Alone

Lea Sunshine – November Skies (11-11-11)

JIMMY Hadders – Touch ft. ANNE

Global Warmers – I Just Wanna See You Dance

Lorenzo Carvalho – Money Black

Asia Monique – Heroin

Scribe & Nick Skitz – Not Many

Mighty Da Don – Ain’t Gone Stop ft. J.C and Caos Horris

The Outré – Beauty Queen

Jaeger Wells – What It Feels Like

Mountain Mirrors – Spell

Roboto – Solar

Kyle Barron – Back To You (LYRIC VIDEO)

Sueño Norteño – Mi Mas Grande Amor

Camikazy & TheGouss – Veinticuatro siete

Indio El Artista & GabyStarr – Esta Noche

Kamaleon – Corazon Rebelde (AUDIO)

Lilit Bleyan – Corazón como Prisión (live sound)

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