Everything you need to know about YouTube Red

Today YouTube announced a new feature of subscription based entertainment offering ad-free, background play and offline listening for both music and video called YouTube Red. For $10 a month, subscribers can enjoy ad-free viewing and beginning next year, access to exclusive YouTube Red Original series. Starting today, new users can enjoy a free month of the new service. But what does this mean for content creators? Let’s take a look.

Will my content be available with YouTube Red?

Yes, all of current videos that appear on ad-supported YouTube will also be available without ads with YouTube Red, they will be automatically added to both. You will not have to pay to keep your content on each platform. YouTube Red members can also save your videos using the background play and offline listening feature.

Will creators still be paid with YouTube Red?

Yes. YouTube Red is another revenue stream for creators in addition to what you’re already earning today through ads. Even though YouTube Red subscribers won’t see ads on videos, creators will still earn money. The paid membership fees provide a new source of revenue for content creators.

If YouTube Red subscribers won’t see ads on my videos, how will I earn money?

Paid membership fees. YouTube will share YouTube Red income with creators just as it shares AdSense income. YouTube will divide the income from YouTube Red among creators based on each creator’s share of total minutes watched by YouTube Red users. However, music videos will be paid view count rather than watch time. How much money can be earned? The exact amount is unknown.

What happens if I don’t want to subscribe to YouTube Red?

The ad-supported YouTube will remain the same. By choosing not to be a member, users will continue to experience the same free, ad-supported YouTube as they do today.

I’m a creator based outside of the U.S., will my content be viewable? 

All content available in the United States on YouTube will be included in YouTube Red. However, YouTube Red the subscription service is currently only available in the U.S

Can you opt out of YouTube Red?

As of now, no. For those who do not want their content on YouTube Red, their videos will be set to private if creators do not agree to the terms.

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