People are watching more video than ever, in fact, Hubspot found that the average person will spend 1.5 hours every day watching videos. So what does this mean for content creators looking to drop the next viral hit? While video usage is on the rise, the marketplace has become saturated with more creators entering the game and uploading new content (over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!). Gone are the days where creators could just post their content and pray for overnight success. Now “going viral” takes proper planning, seamless execution, and a little bit of luck. Although virality cannot be guaranteed, we’ve uncovered the top five qualities that the top trending videos have in common to help your content cut through the noise. Check it out:

Viral Video Factor #1: Keep Content Concise

To combat the public’s short attention span (some studies claim it’s shorter than a goldfish) viral content that is shorter in length is more likely to capture your audience’s attention. In fact, a study completed by the New York Times revealed that 44% of people lose interest in a video after 60 seconds. Make it a point to keep your content concise and provide value right away. Your main message should be obvious without explanation or further context.

What Do You Guys Hear?

This simple 3-second clip was powerful enough to divide the internet. While the world was trying to determine whether they heard ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’ this clip was being shared across news outlets everywhere. ‘What Did You Guys Hear?’ demonstrates that content doesn’t need to be more than a minute to make an impact.

Viral Video Factor #2: Connect Emotionally

Sharing emotions is a basic human need, so creating content that resonates with your audience on a personal level will bring you one step closer to viral success. A study out of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that the top 3 emotions that led to the most video shares are awe, anger, and humor. Keep in mind while eliciting anger may lead to more video shares, it can also polarize your audience. Create content that leaves your audience gasping in astonishment or laughing out loud for better results.

Ping Pong Trick Shots 3

Who knew that all you need is a few ping pong balls to make the internet go nuts? Dude Perfect’s elaborate ping pong trick shots leave audiences completely mesmerized. This creator’s ability to connect with its audience’s sense of awe, has led to over 151MM views!

Viral Video Factor #3: Think Practically

According to the experts at YouTube, tutorials rank among the most helpful, frequently shared videos on the platform. Now more than ever, people are turning toward video content to find answers to their questions. Your video will stand a better chance of going viral if it solves a common problem. By producing practical content, you are establishing yourself as a reliable source of information, building audience trust and loyalty.

Tasty are experts in creating quick and informative videos that not only capture their viewers attention but teach them how to make delicious recipes, like this egg-cellent one for super fluffy omelets which currently has over 7MM views on YouTube.

Viral Video Factor #4: Be Relatable

Create a video about a subject that your audience can relate to. Some of the most popular viral videos encourage sharing by getting viewers to say “that’s me”. By generating relatable content, you will seem more like a trusted friend to your audience, instead of a stranger behind a camera.

Don’t Touch My Food

“Don’t touch my food”

Have you ever been hangry? If so, you’re in good company, because over 281K views can relate to this little girl’s attempt to take back her food. ‘Don’t Touch My Food’ is a great example of how relatable content that resonates with audiences can lead to viral success.

Viral Video Factor #5: Master the Element of Surprise

We live in a world that is so concentrated with video content online so adding an element of surprise will give your content the edge it needs to stand out from the pack. Shocking your audience will not only make your content more memorable but will also have the potential to elicit a reaction that will spark a conversation among your viewers.

Children Interrupt BBC News Interview

BBC brings an (accidental) element of surprise when a toddler sneaks into her dad’s office as he is broadcasting live to the network. This unexpected distraction soared to over 28MM views on YouTube proving that you should always have your camera ready because sometimes the best viral videos happen when you least expect it.

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