Choosing to monetize your content through Vydia will give you all the necessary tools to further your career. Optimize your experience by becoming a pro-tier user on What is a Vydia Pro-Tier Artist? A user who has upgraded their account and paid the $20 a year to get complete access to Vydia’s monetization service.

Four Reasons to be a Pro-Tier Artist

  • Unlimited music video uploads

That’s right. Unlimited. One of the greatest benefits of monetizing through Vydia is the ability to upload unlimited amounts of music videos for the entire year. All for $20 a year – artists will not be charged per video upload or per ISRC code. Upload unlimited music videos to your Vevo channel and we’ll monetize for one low price.

  • Content ID

Want to get paid whenever someone reuploads, covers or remixes your music on YouTube? Content ID is a system developed by YouTube that allows you to monetize videos that contain your content – even if it is uploaded by another user.  Yes, that’s right– when advertisements play on any video that contains a master recording, composition, or music video you hold the copyrights to, YouTube will give you a portion of the ad revenue that those videos generate. So if your song ends up in the background of a viral video, you get paid. Get your content ingested into the Content ID system for free when becoming a Vydia Pro-Tier Artist.

Learn more about Content ID here.

  • Artwork Video Creator

Vevo accepts official music videos, lyrics videos and audio videos. The best way to optimize the revenue made through Vevo is to monetize your albums too. Vydia created a tool that will automatically create an audio video – just upload an audio file such as .MP3 and .WAV file and album artwork and the Artwork Video Creator will instantly create an art track to be deployed to your Vevo channel. Pro-Tier Artists can now monetize entire albums on Vevo.

See how it works

  • Ready, Set, Schedule

Too many platforms. Too little time. As artists, we understand that time is money and scheduling campaigns is all about timing, so we created tools with this in mind. Pro-tier users now have the ability to schedule and post directly to Facebook and YouTube channels through Vydia. No need to individually post to social media platforms with the new video release. Use Vydia as your scheduling tool when releasing a music video. You’re in control.

If have more questions about Vydia or other topics in the music industry, tweet to us using the hashtag #AskVydia and see your question come up in episode of #AskVydia or #VydiaU