Vydia is excited to announce our partnerships with three new delivery destinations; Amazon Music Videos, Pretzel Rocks, and Sounds on Snapchat! By delivering your content to these destinations, you will drive more exposure, reach new audiences, and ensure your music is available on all of the premium platforms.



Amazon Music Videos

Amazon Music has officially launched music videos! Your official music videos will appear in search results, on your artist page, and are eligible for Amazon’s curated video playlists. Available only to Amazon Unlimited subscribers via mobile & OTT applications.


Pretzel Rocks 

Pretzel Rocks is a music extension Twitch streamers can plug-in to their live streaming software so they have access to a large licensed catalog of music. Delivering here allows streamers to use your music while live streaming content.  


Sounds on Snapchat

Sounds is a curated library of music for Snapchat users to select from and add to their snaps and stories. Snapchat is extremely selective in the songs they choose to make available in Sounds.



Delivering your music to more partners means your content has the potential for greater visibility and reach. Amazon Music has over 55 million subscribers, Twitch has over 9 million monthly streamers, and Snapchat has over 230 million daily users. Imagine all the new fans these delivery destinations could bring to your music! Get started now and take advantage of the opportunity to deliver your music to places that are growing in popularity every day.


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