Have you ever thought about starting your own music business but unsure how to get the infrastructure? With Vydia’s White Label solution, you can utilize our end-to-end technology to launch your own label, distribution company and/or publishing arm, while maintaining brand identity. 



When you white label your business through Vydia, you will have access to offerings including audio and video supply chain, global distribution, royalty payments, analytics reporting, and more. To get started, fill out the form at the bottom of our White Label landing page to be connected with a Vydia team member to discuss your business. 


We will then collect your brand assets so we can customize your platform. When you are all set up, include a link to your White Label portal on your website for a seamless experience. Then, set up Label Admins to help manage your clients and import your catalog.



Utilizing Vydia’s White Label Solution will provide your team with superior technology using your company’s name and brand. Distribute, protect and monetize your organization’s content directly or invite users to manage their projects through your branded platform for a more hands-off approach. You can also pay out your users at ease, without the need for manual accounting. Amplify your business, on a global scale, while remaining independent.


White Label your business today. 

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