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One of the benefits of selecting a Vydia Plan is having the option to monetize your audio and video content. By selecting a monetize policy, content containing your works will be claimed as yours, and subsequently have revenue generated from audience-appropriate advertisements being placed alongside the claimed content.

Please be advised that by selecting a monetize policy, content that you upload on your social media platforms will be claimed as well in order to apply your monetization policy. Also, note that selecting a monetize policy does not guarantee that revenue will be generated; but rather enables the option for ads to generate revenue.

In order to start monetizing, users must create a release on their ‘My Content’ dashboard and select ‘Monetize’ as the protection policy across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Yes. Though you will grant Vydia an exclusive license to monetize/protect your content, you will retain 100% ownership of your copyrights. While you retain full ownership of your content, you cannot grant the same rights to other parties. Granting rights to multiple parties may cause a conflict and will not result in additional earnings. In fact, doing so may put your earnings on hold until the conflict is resolved.

Based on content strategy goals, the Vydia platform enables creators to select different protection policies for how they want their content managed on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The 4 protection policies include:

  • Monetize– selected platforms may display advertisements with the content, which generates revenue that Vydia collects on behalf of the rights holder.
  • Block– selected platforms will prevent users from uploading protected content.
  • Permit– selected platforms will allow users to upload content that contains copyrighted material. Performance metrics, like views, will be tracked; However, no revenue will be generated.
  • No Policy– Vydia will not claim copyrighted content on selected platforms.

Still not sure what protection policy works best for you? Check out our blog to learn more.

*Please note that claims will be made on all content uploads, including the creator or rights holder’s own uploads in order to apply the selected policy.

To deliver your Music Video to Facebook, you will first need to connect the Facebook URL of the Creator you wish to deliver to Facebook Music Video. To do so, please see the following:

-Click here to visit your artist index
-Click the Edit button on the right-hand side of each Creator
-Once your Creator edit page is open, scroll down to the Facebook text box
-In the text box, add or edit your official Facebook Artist Page URL (Your Facebook page must be categorized under ‘musician’, ‘band’, or ‘artist’)
-Once complete, click Update in the lower right corner

To deliver to Facebook Music Video:
-Upload or select a music video and Create Release
-Choose to deliver to Premium Partners
-Select Facebook Music Video
-If you do not see Facebook MusicVideo as premiere destination selection, contact Support to let them know you you would like to be granted permission to deliver to Facebook Music Videos
-Activate music video publishing on your facebook page once Vydia has delivered your Music Video

Check out our blog to learn more.