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If you manage multiple users, there is no limit to how many you can invite to your Label account. Relatedly, there is also no limit to how many creators each user within your Label account manages. Label administrators have a variety of storage options that fit their catalog upload and storage needs.

Vydia makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of creators with a Label account. As a Label Owner or Administrator, you will be able to onboard your clients, who subsequently may have multiple creators profiles. Both the Label Administrator and Client will be able to manage creator content, track their performance and collect revenue all from one centralized dashboard. Sign up for a Label account here.


If you are not a current Vydia user, you can input agency information when you request an invitation to Vydia’s platform. If you already have a non-Label Vydia account and would like to convert your account to a Label account, please reach out to your designated Vydia contact, or contact Vydia Support with the name of your Label.

You can invite a new user directly from your Label account. Click your label or user name at the top of the page, select My Clients and then click the Add New User button at the top right of the page. Fill out the user’s information, and click Send Invitation. The user will receive an invite via email to verify their account and sign in. The users that you invite to the platform can manage content for multiple creator profiles.

You can add multiple creators to your account. If you are managing several different users and artists, you can apply for a Label account.