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The Royalty Center is Vydia’s new universal payment solution that allows you to pay your collaborators (Payees) royalties for their contributions to your content.

Invite your Payees, assign royalty percentages, and let our technology distribute funds accordingly to ensure everyone gets paid their share of earnings. Check out our guide to learn how to get started!

A Payee is any contributor or collaborator on your audio or video content that you would like to share royalties with (i.e. featured artist, audio engineer, video producer, etc).

In order to share royalties with a Payee, complete the following steps:

  • Click Royalties from the top menu bar and select My Payees.
  • Click Assign Royalties.
  • Choose a Payee or Add a New Payee.
  • Select the content for which you would like to split royalties.
  • Assign the royalty percentage the Payee should receive for each asset.
  • Review the Royalty Assignment Details.
  • Agree to the Royalty Center Authorization.
  • Select Confirm and Invite.

Pending invitations will expire after 30 days if the Payee has not yet accepted it. However, the Payor has the option to re-send a new invitation at any time.

If an invitation is pending, you can send a new one by completing the following steps:

  • Select Royalties from the top menu bar and select My Payees.
  • Choose a Payee that has a pending invitation.
  • Click Resend Pending Invitations.
  • Select Okay to confirm.

You can edit active royalty splits by contacting your Account Manager or the Vydia Support team.

Yes. The Royalty Center Authorization enables Vydia to pay out your collaborators on your behalf.

Payees will earn revenue from streams and downloads that occurred starting on the first day of the month in which they accepted their royalty invitation.

Keep in mind, once we receive earnings statements from our partner platforms, we will ingest them into our system. Partner platforms have various schedules for statements and payouts. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months (depending on the revenue source) before earned revenue is made available to you.

The earnings you accrue can either be used as a credit towards any services on our site or paid out to you directly.

When a Vydia user invites you to collect royalties on content and you accept the asset split, you can track your shared revenue by clicking into the Shared with Me folder located within your My Content dashboard.