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Based on content strategy goals, the Vydia platform enables creators to select different protection policies for how they want their content managed on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The 4 protection policies include:

  • Monetize– selected platforms may display advertisements with the content, which generates revenue that Vydia collects on behalf of the rights holder.
  • Block– selected platforms will prevent users from uploading protected content.
  • Permit– selected platforms will allow users to upload content that contains copyrighted material. Performance metrics, like views, will be tracked; However, no revenue will be generated.
  • No Policy– Vydia will not claim copyrighted content on selected platforms.

Still not sure what protection policy works best for you? Check out our blog to learn more.

*Please note that claims will be made on all content uploads, including the creator or rights holder’s own uploads in order to apply the selected policy.