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YouTube Ownership Conflicts occur when another YouTube partner attempts to claim ownership over an exclusive copyright Vydia is also administering for you. Ownership Conflicts put your content’s revenue on hold for as long as the conflicting party’s ownership remains, so it is important to resolve these conflicts as soon as possible.

To review and resolve any current conflicts, please click here.

We recommend reaching out to the conflicting party to request that they remove ownership of the assets in conflict.

Vydia Plans are our cloud-based storage solution to keep your video and audio files secure in one centralized location. Each plan comes equipped with a robust suite of our premium services designed to help you meet your goals as a creator. Please note that a Vydia Plan is required in order to access premium services such as:

  • Audio Video Supply Chain
  • Global Distribution
  • Advanced Rights Management
  • Royalty Payments
  • Social & Rights Sync Technology
  • Date & Analytics
  • And More!

If additional storage is needed, you can update your Vydia Plan at any time. Here’s how:

  • Log into your Vydia account.
  • Click on your Account dropdown and select Storage.
  • Click on the ‘Plans’ tab.
  • Select the Vydia Plan that best fits your storage needs.

Once you complete payment, you are all set to start uploading new content!

No, audio distribution is included with a subscription to one of our Vydia Plans.