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Adding Images to an Artist’s Vevo Channel

When it comes to monetizing through Vydia, one of the things we can do is help create artist Vevo channels. By uploading your new release to our site, we connect your visual content to the fine folks over at Vevo for processing and within the given time frame, you have your own channel. There have […]

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Best Ways to Promote Your Music Video

We are always being asked what are the best ways artists can promote music videos. Here at Vydia we help to monetize and distribute artist’s visual content. That includes helping to set up and maintain a Vevo channel, preparing music videos and sending them off to popular TV outlets. But an option often overlooked when […]

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When I first began musicvideosubmissions a little over a year ago, I couldn’t have ever dreamt of what it would become. After running Trendsetter marketing for so long, I wanted to create a cost effective solution that artists and managers could work themselves. A website so simple and intuitive that  you wouldn’t need the help of […]

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Upload to Vevo – FAQ

We’ve been getting tons of questions about our service and how to get a video on VEVO. We’ve spent some time gathering these questions and put together a list of answers here to help get you started sooner. Are you interested in getting on VEVO?   Q. Do I need to be signed with a […]

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How To Get A VEVO Channel

So, you’ve heard all about that little thing called Vevo and it’s benefits. Now you’re asking yourself, how do I get a Vevo channel? Do I need to be signed with a label or can I be an independent artist? How can I upload videos to my Vevo channel once I have it? Instead of […]

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