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Spotify for Artist profiles are designed to give creators full control over their Spotify accounts. Creators with custom Spotify for Artist profiles are provided access to management features and listening data, which they can use to shape how their brand is portrayed online. These features provide users with visibility and the means to succeed on the platform.  


After you have delivered audio content to Spotify through Vydia, you will be presented with the Spotify Instant Access banner on your My Content tab. You can also access Vydia’s Instant Access feature through your Creators tab again as long as you’ve delivered audio content through Vydia to Spotify. You can navigate to and from your Spotify for Artists page from your Creators tab once connected. In order to have a verified profile on Spotify, you must submit a request to Spotify for Artists. Once your profile is approved, your artist page will be marked with a desirable blue check. Benefits of verifying your artist Spotify account include increasing professionalism, credibility, and authenticity. To learn more about the benefits of Spotify for Artists, check out our blog.