In the modern age of Internet fame, virality is the goal that every creator craves. Fifteen minutes of fame can fade fast for viral creators that don’t have a strategy in place to capitalize on their overnight success. If you’re looking to keep the momentum of your viral video going and keep viewers coming back for more, the secret is to act fast and ask yourself the following questions:

Is Your Viral Video Protected?

Before you even consider publishing your next video on the web, your first priority as a creator should be to properly protect your content. Proactively asserting your digital rights and claiming your content before you hit “publish” not only safeguards you from video piracy but also enables you to maximize your revenue and make sure it is monetized to the rightful owner – you.

Need some help deciphering the complexities behind digital rights? Earlier this year, Vydia’s Co-Founder and CEO Roy LaManna, took to the SXSW stage to expose the truth behind “going viral” and offered creators core advice on how to correctly claim ownership and protect their content as soon as possible (check it out).

Is Your Content Accessible?

If someone sees your viral video online, chances are they’re going to look you up on multiple social networks to see what other content you’ve created. To ensure their search is successful, make sure all of your social profiles are set to public and can easily be found online. Promote your entire social footprint for each network by linking back to your profiles encouraging users to explore and find you.

Now that you’re driving viral traffic across your networks, make sure each profile is organized and optimized for success. Certain social channels, like Facebook and Instagram, enable users to create distinct artist or business pages to create a more professional aesthetic. For other networks like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud check out our other blogs to learn different tips and tricks for creating a polished profile.

Is Your Content Strategy Scalable?

Virality has a limited window for long-term success, refine your content strategy to be scalable in nature. One easy way to achieve this is by adding a call-to-action to the end of your content to help steer the flow of traffic to more of your videos. Consistency is also key so make sure to provide your audience with valuable content. Ask yourself, what do they like most out of what you’ve published? What keeps them coming back for more? Finally, for an additional boost, you should try paid promotion to reach more people than what the algorithm allows. This will only lead to more engagement, conversations and increased reach to relevant users.

Are You Engaging Enough?

As more people talk about your video, don’t hesitate to join the conversation. The more quickly you respond and engage, the stronger and more personal of a relationship you will build. With increased engagement, your one-time audience has the potential to grow into a loyal fanbase.

Still haven’t dropped that viral hit? Make sure you read our blog to see the top 5 factors viral videos have in common. Don’t forget to check back next week for more helpful creator hacks.