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One of the benefits of selecting a Vydia Plan is having the option to monetize your audio and video content. By selecting a monetize policy, content containing your works will be claimed as yours, and subsequently have revenue generated from audience-appropriate advertisements being placed alongside the claimed content.

Please be advised that by selecting a monetize policy, content that you upload on your social media platforms will be claimed as well in order to apply your monetization policy. Also, note that selecting a monetize policy does not guarantee that revenue will be generated; but rather enables the option for ads to generate revenue.

In order to start monetizing, users must create a release on their ‘My Content’ dashboard and select ‘Monetize’ as the protection policy across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Yes. Though you will grant Vydia an exclusive license to monetize/protect your content, you will retain 100% ownership of your copyrights. While you retain full ownership of your content, you cannot grant the same rights to other parties. Granting rights to multiple parties may cause a conflict and will not result in additional earnings. In fact, doing so may put your earnings on hold until the conflict is resolved.

Vevo has strict standards for the videos that appear on their platform. To accommodate, every video must be manually reviewed. This process can take between 5-7 business days. However, due to the number of requests, the wait for Vevo acceptances can take longer.

In order to update your Vevo channel, please create a support ticket here. When making your requests, list all edits you would like made to your Vevo channel with any corresponding files. Please be mindful that we can only make one set of bulk changes for a Vevo channel per month, so be precise with your edit requests. Image guidelines for channel artwork may look different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays. Click here to make sure you meet Vevo’s artwork specs.

From platform upload to distribution, our technology provides the digital infrastructure needed to efficiently package and deliver your video content to major video streaming platforms and social networks. To get started, check out our Video Distribution walkthrough guide.

Applying for a Vevo channel is one of our premium services that are available with the Vydia Plan. If you already have a Vydia Plan, you can create a release, select “Deliver To Premium Partners’, and choose Vevo as your video’s destination.

Once the release is complete, it will be manually reviewed to ensure that Vevo requirements are met, which may include certain metrics such as social media following, video performance, the authenticity of engagement, and quality of content. To learn more about this process, check out our blog!

Vydia’s technology streamlines content and metadata ingestion to ensure it meets partner specifications. In order to further expedite this process, before you distribute your next video, be sure you have the following:

  • High-definition .mov or .mp4 file type (at least 1920×1080 or 1280×720 or higher).
  • ISRC (Don’t have one? You will be prompted to create a unique ISRC within the video distribution workflow.)
  • UPC (Don’t have one? You will be prompted to create a unique UPC within the video distribution workflow.)

Once we receive earnings statements from our partner platforms, we will ingest them into our system. Partner platforms have various schedules for statements and payouts. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months (depending on the revenue source) before earned revenue is made available to you.

The earnings you accrue can either be used as a credit towards any services on our site or paid out to you directly once you register with our payment system, Tipalti. Please note that you are only eligible to sign up with Tipalti once you accumulate a minimum balance of $35, verify your email addresses, connect at least one valid social media account. Once you have successfully onboarded with Tipalti, payments will automatically be sent to you on a monthly basis around mid-month starting the next applicable pay period.

For questions on Tipalti, please visit for Tipalti FAQ page here. Please note, all payments are subject to Vydia’s approval process. Vydia reserves the right to withhold earnings that do not comply with Domestic/International banking regulations as well as Vydia’s Terms and Conditions.

No. Vydia has a distribution partnership with Vevo which allows any artist to request their own Vevo channel. In order to adhere to Vevo’s quality guidelines, requests will then be manually reviewed for acceptance.

Vydia works directly with the Vevo team to make any and all changes to your account. No login to the Vevo platform is available. In order to request an edit, please contact Vydia Support here. Once created, requests for your Vevo channel are limited to one batch of edit requests per month; so please make sure that you are precise in your Vevo edit requests!

If approved, your Vevo account name is based on your artist name. You can find out if the artist’s name is already being used by searching for it on Vevo. If there is a problem with the artist name you submit, we will contact you for another option.

After you have been approved for Vevo and purchase a Vydia Plan, follow the below instructions to distribute a video to Vevo:

1. Log in and go to your Vydia Dashboard
2. Go to your Content page
3. Click the blue Upload Content button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you’ve already completed the upload, click into the title of your uploaded content, click Create Release, and skip to step 7.
4. Select Video
5. Upload your video, then go through the metadata and policy flows to fill in content information
6. Click the Finish Upload button on the bottom of the screen
7. From the pop up menu, select Deliver to Premium Partners
8. Select Vevo as a release destination, and customize post as desired
9. Click the Schedule button to schedule a release in advance, or select Post ASAP.

Please allow 5-7 business days for our team to review and process your request.

Yes. Users are able to create a release and submit new videos to be published on their pre-existing Vevo channel.

Vevo is intended for music content only. However, if you have other video content such as webisodes, vlogs, or live streams you can upload them onto the Vydia Platform to be published, protected, and monetized across different social media channels.

Our premium video partners (including Vevo, Apple, and Tidal), do not allow any beginning or end text slates and logos, lower third corner text (also known as chyrons), social media names/logos, and website URLs. If there are graphics and text used in a creative way as part of the video, then it is possible it will be allowed. Our Content Operations team will notify you of any additional edits once the review process is complete.

Yes, Vevo and YouTube are linked, so all of your video content on Vevo will be searchable on YouTube.